Is a home office a worthwhile investment?

Is a home office a worthwhile investment?

A garden home office appeals hugely to me. I think it harks back to caveman times when man could colonise rock fissures and perhaps now modern man needs a man shed, a man den or a pod. Not just males either – women too.

There’s been an inexorable rise in self-employment and freelance work and the internet has made us all would-be “entrepreneurs” and with technology shrinking: like the advent of high speed broadband and laptops that are uber powerful, we can all nestle in gardens and make money.

I would like one, even though the box bedroom of our new-build is a perfect space.

I think what appeals is the separation. I could commute down the garden path, unlock the pod, boot up the iMac, fire up the Sonos and work. Then at night, I could lock up and hopefully switch off given the physical separation between house and office.

In expansive moments, I visualise a path meandering to the end of the garden (a tiny garden) with a curved pod waiting at the end, with a nice tub armchair, a panel heater, a compact desk, printer, iMac and a bookcase for those Instagram live parades.

A home office is much cheaper than an extension too and arguably more practical than a conservatory – which are generally ovens or freezers for most of the year.

It would cost only £10,000 maximum for a small space, resting on new foundations and with electricity, broadband and decent levels of insulation.

But that is what deters me: the costs of running a garden office.

If bedroom 5 is a perfect space that doesn’t cost an extra penny to run as it’s in an efficient new build, why would I want the costs of heating a home office for 6 months a year?

And in summer, would the glorified garden shed be too warm to sit in?

It’s one I’ll keep thinking about – any advice would be welcomed too.

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  1. Jack McGuigan 23rd December 2017 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    Know exactly what you mean Stuart. I’ve been toying with getting a pod in the garden but the office I have in the house is perfectly fine.

    I’m not sure if a pod would be an extravagant luxury or a useful addition. There are lots of pros and cons. I’ll make a decision in Spring I’d say

    • Stuart 24th December 2017 at 10:30 am - Reply

      Let me know, Jack, I’d be interested in seeing how it pans out.

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