How to conduct viewings when selling your home

How to conduct viewings when selling your home

Your phone rings, it’s your agent – there’s 3 viewers wanting to looks at your property at short notice. You know your estate agent is going to conduct these but you want a checklist, an action plan if you like, of what to do to attract second viewings and hopefully offers.

Look at our 7 point plan for short notice inspections:

1. Declutter. You may well be upsizing as your current property is too small but whatever your motives, decluttering is key. Get boxes and remove stuff that adds nothing to a viewing – put them in your car for the next few days – kids toys are often the biggest items of clutter. Hide them away from the house (and your kids).
2. Tidy and clean up. A quick vacuum and mop will make floors look better and smell better. Talking of smells: use those plug-in air fresheners to create an inviting aroma. When the house is ship-shape, you can leave when the estate agent arrives – after all you’re paying them to sell your property and they’re experts at picking up buying cues and answering questions your viewers may have. The estate agent should already know a bit about the viewers – why they want to move, their family circumstances etc as it’s something we do routinely when someone rings us.
3. Kerb appeal. Look at your home from outside. Objectively. Take those rose-tinted glasses off and look at the outside, warts and all and make a mental note of what needs doing – it may well be the from garden, path and door that needs some TLC?
4. Front door. Clean it, repair it, paint it? it’s the first impression a viewer will have. They want that impression to be positive as do you! Tidy the front path and garden making sure it’s weed free and presentable. Seasonal plants in pots can make a great impact. Buy some and plant them in containers or borders.
5. Windows. Make sure they’re clean too and create a positive vibe. Remove net curtains or voile to maximise light. Viewers want to imagine themselves living there and light is vital, trust me!
6. Allow the estate agent to conduct viewings as they’re objective and should be skilled in reading signals and negotiating with the viewers. They can ask questions you may feel uncomfortable asking “what is your financial position?” being one.
7. Try to depersonalise your home. We don’t mean coating all homes in magnolia as new builds do, but making rooms as neutral as possible. Remove those many family photos and kids’ artwork if they make spaces look too personal.
With these 7 tips, viewings should turn into second viewings and offers! Good luck.
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