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How to become a local property expert.

By | 2018-02-07T11:31:12+00:00 February 7th, 2018|Latest news|

Local Property Experts or LPEs have become synonymous with online estate agencies in recent years, mainly due to the fact that they're local and have some insights into the property market locally. It's a curious term, because the traditional high street estate agents with MNAE and RICs behind their titles don't resort to using any [...]

To win property listings, focus on relationship marketing

By | 2018-02-05T12:51:10+00:00 February 5th, 2018|Latest news, Selling property|

Cards on the table: I worked in estate agency for a while and formed my own company in 2014 which was on the road to becoming a success with 13 property listings shortly after launch, but it lacked a long term financial commitment from myself and my business partner. It did get a key aspect [...]

Will a Redrow degree in housebuilding help construction?

By | 2018-01-22T11:45:55+00:00 January 22nd, 2018|Latest news|

Redrow made the news over the weekend for what, in my perception, is some very clever thinking. If you didn't see it, they've decided to collaborate with Liverpool John Moores University and Coleg Cambria in north Wales, to develop a first ever dedicated degree programme in housebuilding, beginning in September 2018. I like the idea [...]

How I can help architects with those Design Access Statements

By | 2018-01-10T12:14:08+00:00 January 10th, 2018|Latest news|

Bestriding Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire last year, fending off a nose bleed after hitting heights unheard of in coastal Norfolk, I took a call. Out of breath, I chatted social media and content with an architect. The long and short of it was that I was asked to optimise and improve the content of his [...]

SME builders make home buyers happy

By | 2018-01-06T13:33:29+00:00 January 6th, 2018|Latest news|

There's an incredible number of Small to Medium Enterprise builders dotted around the British Isles though I must admit, at least locally here in east Norfolk, I can only name two, yet can pinpoint the sales sites of Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon, Charles Church, Bovis, et al, without resorting to a Google search. It seems though, [...]

15 topics I’d like property developers to write about

By | 2017-12-28T23:57:42+00:00 December 28th, 2017|Latest news, New developments|

Many major property developers have embraced the art of blogging on their websites and produce articles that are interesting, informative and engaging. I've read a hefty amount of material that does this ever so well, but there's a few glaring omissions from some major players. As a devotee of new-builds and a serial homebuyer, I [...]

Is a home office a worthwhile investment?

By | 2017-12-22T17:45:55+00:00 December 22nd, 2017|Latest news|

A garden home office appeals hugely to me. I think it harks back to caveman times when man could colonise rock fissures and perhaps now modern man needs a man shed, a man den or a pod. Not just males either - women too. There's been an inexorable rise in self-employment and freelance work and [...]

Making money out of property development

By | 2017-12-19T10:39:56+00:00 December 19th, 2017|Latest news, New developments|

20 years ago, we were all encouraged to become property developers on tv programmes by the likes of Sarah Beeny and Martin Roberts on "Property Ladder" and "Homes under the Hammer", which always seemed to be set in Stoke? Since then, I think the high yields of property developing have evaporated. As Farrell Walton estate [...]

Would you choose timber-framed or brick and block for new homes?

By | 2017-12-18T19:17:27+00:00 December 18th, 2017|Latest news|

Brick and block or timber-framed? I pose this question as today, out walking, this very question was debated between myself and a neighbour. I'd not realised as we'd bought a home that had been first-fitted that ours (and the rest of Persimmon Phase One) was timber-framed and the new builds leaping from muddy foundations opposite [...]

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